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Camping Season Is Upon Us

Camping Tip Of The Day

Of course, it depends on what part of the world you’re in, but for much of the world, it’s the season for camping.

Boy, it seemed as if the cold would never abate.

So, what should you be thinking about now?

If the thought of dragging out your tent and related material brings out the irritation, consider car camping.

When I was younger I could take camping in a tent. Sure, it was annoying to deal with the morning due and frigid temperatures, but young bones adapt.

These days, I just can’t stand the thought of sleeping in a tent. I need to be off the ground. I need to feel more secure. I need to feel about 10 degrees warmer.

So, I decided to start sleeping in my car whenever I went camping. I have a car well suited for this purpose: A wagon. All I need do is open the back and attach a “car tent”. Then I open a window as need be. To keep out bugs, I cover any opening with black meshing net. Then I just lay down blankets and I’m done.

What an improvement! I’m off the ground so I don’t get wet. It’s several degrees warmer in the car. I am safer. I keep the key in the ignition and a planned escape route in case of trouble.

Also, I have a coffee maker that plugs conveniently into my car’s outlet. It’s all ready to go. If I want I can set the timer.

Consider car camping.

Pat Reynolds, Editor


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