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A Timely Recommendation From Santa Claus

Camping Tip Of The Day

Pets in Camp

If you want to take your pet(s) with you when you go camping, here are some things to think about. If you are basecamping or backpack camping, can you carry your pet long distances? You might want to leave your pet at home when camping requires hiking. How well can you control your pet? Pets, especially small pets, are considered prey to many wild animals. If you are camping in a formal campground, do they allow pets? What are the rules regarding barking, leashes and staking your pet? Will there be adequate shade for your pet? What about inclement weather? Will your pet be left alone at anytime while camping (bad idea)?For more Camping tips, visit

Santa recommends banks, not money market funds. Park your money in a safe (FDIC insured) bank instead of a money market fund (which is not guaranteed).

Keep in mind: money market funds actually fluctuate in price, but the companies add money to make up for deviations… at least for the moment. Money market funds are actually very short term bond funds. Bonds can, and do, go down. If rates rise, it could get nasty. A few years ago, a major money market fund “broke the buck” and lost savers millions.

Capital One, a U.S. based bank, features:

  • Higher yields.
  • Safety (FDIC insured)
  • No minimum balance.
  • NO fees.
  • Join millions of savers in seconds.

Money market funds are ultimately going to “float” their NAV (share price), “breaking the buck”, to the chagrin of millions. Don’t tumble down that slippery slope.

Try Capital One without any risk.


Ho, ho, ho!

Santa Claus

P.S. Tell them Santa sent you!

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