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Caves Aren’t Just For Cave Men

Meet the new cave man. No, he doesn’t need to re-invent the wheel or discover fire – been there, done that. Thanks to his ancestors, he now has free time to partake of a hobby he’s best suited for, spelunking, or cave exploring.

This cave based hobby is for the nature lover who likes to challenge himself in tight spaces. Although some caves are very difficult to explore, especially those located under the sea or atop steep terrains, some people have dared to enter them for scientific purposes, or for the sheer fun of it.

If you are one of those who like to flirt with danger or study this mysterious type of land formation, you might want to explore advanced cave exploration areas. The following are caving specializations for extreme spelunkers:

Vertical Caving

Many caves have huge vertical drops, sometimes thousands of meters deep, which can only be accessible through the use of a rope. To be able to explore such caves, you need vertical cave training and equipment. That can get expensive.

The vertical cave exploration technique that is widely used currently is the “Single Rope Technique”. The equipment you will need for vertical caving includes mechanical descenders, ascenders and a single rope.

Cave Photography

Anybody can take videos and pictures of the cave’s inner sections. However, only expert cave photographers can capture quality photos and videos of the cave. The challenges you will face in cave photography include difficulty in bringing the equipment inside the cave, lighting up large cave cavities, and taking pictures in dark areas.

Cave Rescue

Some folks mosey into caves without adequate training or equipment. With any action there is an equal and opposite reaction so it’s no surprise that the specialty of “cave rescue” has come into being to address this issue. A high number of “spelunkers”, who usually become cave rescue specialists, work for fire, rescue and police departments.

Cave Diving

Cave diving is one of the most entertaining cave exploration activities. This is a highly specialized field in caving for the reason that one needs to acquire training in both cave exploration and open sea diving.

You need specialized equipment and rigorous training before you can be a cave diver. It is important to note that many people who have ventured into cave diving without the right equipment and training often get injured or even die.

Finding Virgin Caves

Although there are many caves that have already been discovered, some extreme spelunkers find thrill and excitement in discovering and mapping new caves. Finding an unexplored cave usually means entering very tight holes, digging through rock and dirt, and expanding narrow crevices.

Advanced caving requires lots of training and special skills. If you want to go beyond recreational cave exploration, you need to contact spelunking associations and take on special courses and training.

Next time you think about a place to camp, why not find a place in or near a cave? Be sure, however, to have a guide and some understanding of what you’re getting yourself into. Better yet, don’t go into any cave. This article, like all other articles on this site, is for entertainment purposes only!

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Traveling Tip For Those Who Have A Child

When traveling with the kids, before you even leave the house, use your camera phone (any other camera will do) and take a picture of them. Then, if they should disappear you can send the picture to the proper authorities showing EXACTLY what they look like and how they are dress. It can be sent to every police computer. Also, try to show something next to them to see how tall they are. Like next to a light switch, a piece of furniture, etc. It only takes a few seconds to do this, and could mean the difference between life and death.

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