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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Son a Boys’ Life Magazine Subscription

Are you the parent of a young boy, particularly one who is active with the Boy Scouts of America, even just on a local level? If so, do you currently purchase the Boys’ Life magazine for them? If not, you may want to take the time to see what you and your son have been missing. Below five reasons why you should at least examine the Boys’ Life magazine are outlined.

#1 – The Magazine is Ideal for All Boy Scouts

The Boys’ Life magazine is commonly referred to as the “flagship,” or the preferred publication of the Boy Scouts of America. This is because of the magazine articles, activities, and themes. Many are directly in line with the teachings of the Boy Scouts of America. Topics covered in this popular magazine often include sports, outdoor adventures, science, and nature.

#2 – The Magazine Comes In Three Different Formats

If your child is active with the Boy Scouts of America, you should know that there are three main divisions, including Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing. The Boys’ Life magazine comes in three different versions each month. These different versions appeal to Boy Scouts depending on their age. For instance, one publication is for boys between the ages of six and eight, the next is for boys nine and ten, and the third Boys’ Life magazine is designed for those aged eleven and up.

#3 – It Is a Good, Quality Source of Entertainment

In today’s society, it is hard to find good, quality entertainment for children. The Boys’ Life magazine is an exception. As previously stated, a number of issues and topics are discussed in the Boys’ Life magazine. Your child may be able to read articles that focus on their favorite athletes, they may learn fun Boy Scout activities that they can at home or own their own time, and much more.

#4 – The Ideas Shared

In keeping with the activities that your child can do on their own time, you may be surprised how many interesting activities the Boys’ Life magazine highlights. In addition to printed games, such as puzzles, your child may also be provided with a list of outdoors activities for summer and winter. These are activities that they may want to do with you, by themselves, or ones that they may want to share with their Boy Scout Pack. In fact, your child’s Boy Scout Den or Pack Leader may also use this magazine at meetings.

#5 – Affordable Subscription Costs

The Boys’ Life Magazine must be ordered in the form of a subscription, although many simply share magazines. Getting your child their own subscription will enable the magazine to be delivered to your home, in your child’s name. What is nice about doing so is that you can receive a discount if your child is a member of the Boy Scouts of America. To receive this discount though, you must approach your child’s adult leader.

The five above mentioned reasons are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider buying your son a Boys’ Life magazine subscription. If you are still unsure as to whether or not the magazine is right for you, you may want to ask to borrow a copy of the magazine from another Boy Scout parent or an adult Boy Scout leader. After a quick examination, there is a good chance that you and your child will like what you see.

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“Back” By Popular Demand: Stellar Backpack Advice Or Your Time “Back”

An Article That’s Got Your Back – Backpacking Insights

How awesome it is to be able to lug a ton of stuff without a lot of effort. Thank you backpack! Because they only have a pack on their backs, the possibilities of new sightseeing and activity adventures are limitless, within reason of course.

But of course, before you head for a splendid hiking adventure, you must make sure that you bring all the things you need to put in your backpack.

Pick a backpack that is comfortable and fits well on you. Seems obvious, right? Well, people often don’t even try a backpack on before buying it. So, don’t be like them, at least in this way. A properly fitted backpack is essential. You are going hiking and the last thing you need is a backpack that is wrecking your shoulders.


Below is a checklist that will make your backpacking adventure a pleasant experience, unless something out of the ordinary happens – yeah, like that’s gonna happen!

– Quick Drying Towel

Widely available in many stores. You don’t want a heavy, damp towel on your backpack, do you? I suspect not.

– Hiking Shoes

Pick comfortable shoes as you would learn soon enough that walking would be a major part in your backpacking adventure.

– Underwear and socks

These go without saying (so why did I say it? Well I didn’t actually SAY it, I SPOKE it).

– Long Underwear

This depends on the season and place where you are traveling. You might also wear your long underwear when you stay in hotels that do not have adequate well-heating systems.

– Pillow Case

Pillow case is an essential thing to keep when you stay in backpacker hotels.

– Sleeping Bag

Opt for a lightweight sleeping bag. Down is the best type of sleeping bag. Yes, they do cost a bit more (unless you got it for free), but the added cost is well worth it. Feathers are very light and you can compress a down into a very small package.

Hit up some old geezer for a sleeping bag. They aint gonna be using it anytime soon. Clean it before using it, you know how those oldies can be. I’m just pulling your chain!

– Passport

Don’t even think of leaving the country without it. Well, then again, you can THINK about it, but just do not ACT on it.

– Spy Wallet

So that you could be able to divide up the money that you have just in case.

– Day Pack

Most backpacks have a detachable daypack.

– Camera

A digicam may be better, but bulkier and heavier to carry.

– Journal

For the writer and chronicler in you.

– Flip Flops

Useful when you take a shower.

– Traveler’s Checks

You can never be too sure with your money.

– Wet Wipes

Always come in handy. Easy to carry too.

– Landry Detergent

It might prove handy.

– Space Savers

– Rain Coat

Especially if you travel on a rainy season or you’re going to tropical countries like those in Southeast Asia or South America.

– Lock

For the safety of your belongings.

– Band Aids

It’s better to be prepared than not at all.

– Travel Guide

Try picking a comprehensive yet easy-to-carry travel guide.

– Personal items such as toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and shampoo

For hygienic purposes.

– Clothing

A tip: The night before you leave, check all clothes that you need. Then take only the half. Clothing simply weighs too much. Take only what you can carry at ease.

So, don’t overlook the importance of a good backpack. Speaking of back, I’ll let you get “back” to work or whatever you were doing.


All the best!


Chris James, Editor

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Can You Bear Another Bear FYI?

You have all these articles and even books on how to deal with bears.

I will save you the effort. It’s very simple.

Never go to a place where bears hang out. That’s 100% doable. Every other piece of advice on the subject is suspect, to say the least.

If you must go to such a place, pack a powerful gun. Fire a warning shot if a bear is near and threatening attack. But, first, be sure you are hiding behind something and in a good firing position. If it moves toward you, you may have to shoot it, God forbid.

“Don’t run?” Obviously, it depends on how far away the bear is. Also, it depends on how close to a car or cabin you are!

Lay down and play dead? Obviously, it depends on how far away the bear is. Also, it depends on how close to a car or cabin you are! I mean can you imagine. The bear is 100 yards away and the guy is 2 feet from his car. Rather than run to his car, he lays down and plays dead. Nuts. Or, the bear is a mile away and hurtling towards you. Lay down and play dead? Uh, in a word, no.

Pepper spray? It’s good to have just in case, but if you are close enough where spray would reach the bear, you are too near, and should never have been that close to begin with.

Say things to let a bear know you are there so you don’t surprise the bear? Yeah, but a better remedy is not to frequent places where bears are.

Hide food – when not in use, of course. You may want to hang the foot from a tree – at a height far out of reach of a bear. No, not on the tree for a bear may scale the tree and feast on it.

Whenever you are out ANYWHERE, practice being alert. As a game, imagine where you would go if attacked. Look for weapons you could use.

I wonder if bears fall for head fakes as some defenders in football do? There’s a bear there. You have taken all evasive measures. He looks hungry. He is moving toward you. Play dead? Good luck with the acting job on that one. If it doesn’t work are you going to warn anyone not to ever do that? Maybe that is why it is recommended as we don’t ever hear about anyone failing at it because they never speak again!

What to do? Fake like you’re going to go left, then head right. Like you’re a running back? Last resort.

Scoot up a tree. Some bears go up trees but unless you have internet access handy and can Google it, you aren’t going to know if this bear is one such bear. Besides, maybe you can break branches and toss it at him.

Since I regularly practice trying to locate weapons I could use, I might instinctively grab rocks and toss it at the bear. At the last resort, God forbid it should ever come down to it, I’d grab a lot of dirt and toss it in his eyes.

Now, if none of this works, find the nearest time portal. Throttle the dufus who gave you the bad bear advice. Ensure you never ventured into that forest. Oh, and tell no one about your time travel discovery, for heaven’s sake. Hey, now you know why you never hear about any successful time travels… they aint going to kill the golden goose.

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