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Where To Find Water Outdoors and Ensure It Is Safe To Drink

Camping Tip Of The Day

In the desert you can die of dehydration within a few hours. You can go without food for much longer, three weeks. I’m not pulling your chain, water encompasses a large portion of your body. You’re kinda like the earth’s surface, which is 70% covered by water.

Sidenote: Be sure to tell someone where you are going and when you are due back.

Bring a couple of liters of water.

Bring matches, a magnifying glass and a flint rock – in case you need to make fire to boil water.

Leave bread crumbs to show you the way back! Kinda kiddin on that one. No, but maybe you should set up some indicators to look for to find your way back. Like, perhaps leave sticks and rocks in unique shapes with arrows pointing toward your original start point.

Okay, so far so good.

If you are reading this stranded somewhere, your throat parched like sand in the Sahara, I suspect you are like, “Duh! I got it, I just don’t got any water to heed your advisory to drink water!”

I get it, you want to know where the water is.

Well, here we go…

Look for the presence of vegetation. Look where trees are growing more profusely, too. A puddle of water or even a river of water could be nearby if you find these indications of water’s presence.


If you see snow, you have a ready-made source. You are better off boiling it than swigging it down as is. You could opt to put it in a canister and carry that carrying vessel in your jacket pocket so the white magic will melt (not too close to your body). One word of caution: Do not try to melt snow in your mouth unless you are on the go and sweating (try to avoid sweating by dressing in layers and by not over-exerting yourself).

Generally, trying to melt snow in your mouth will cause further dehydration as it will consume your body’s heat and it can also chaff your skin and crack your lips. Then again, if it is the only choice, go for it, in moderation.

As briefly addressed above, you want to avoid sweating as the sweat can freeze. Besides water reduces body heat significantly more than air.

Water can be found by digging, of course. But, you need to know where to dig. Short of using a forked water-finding stick, you’ll have to look for river beds or damp spots. If you discover damp soil or mud, you’re on the right track. If not, don’t waste your energy and fluid any further, look elsewhere.

If you have any form of plastic wrap or other kind of plastic sheet, you could use it to capture some moisture early morning and late evening. Put up 2 posts, spaced as wide as the plastic wrap. Tie, paste, etc. the wrap to the posts. Put some sort of water catching thing-a-ma-jig along the bottom of the sheet.

Look where animals are flocking. Bees and birds will ultimately fly in the direction of water. Of course, you have to guess if they are in the process of flying towards water at that moment in time! Look for game trails that could lead to water. Be warned: Big animals could take that path to water. Look for incriminating tracks.

Don’t take a sip from a water source if there is anything dead in or near the water.

You’ve heard it before, of course, but here goes: be sure to boil water for at least 10 minutes. I’m conservative about things and usually add a safety cushion; I use a 20 minute term to boil water – a lot of that excess boiling is for psychological peace of mind.

Filter and treat water to make sure that it’s clean enough for consumption. So, don’t forget to always take with you water purification tablets. You should consider filtering water through some sort of filter like your socks or sand.

Some safety planning now will give you peace of mind later. Isn’t it amazing how something we take for granted, water, is the very thing that has played a pivotal, life or death role 1,000s of time.

I suggest you make a checklist of potential sources of water in deserts and forests and methods to make the water safe to drink. Bring that precious list with you every time you head out – keep it in your wallet or something.

Happy hydration!
Chris James, Editor


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To Picnic Or Not To Picnic, That Is The Question

I sure bet you are seeking something fun, exciting and relaxing! Don’t ask me how I know, I just do. Well, hold on to your seat and I’ll lay a gem at your feet.

How about a picnic?

When it comes to determining whether or not you should have a picnic, there are many individuals who wonder how they can know if it is a good idea.  There are actually a number of signs that you can use to determine if having a picnic, namely hosting a picnic, is a good idea.  Just a few of these signs are outlined below.

One of the biggest signs that you may want to look into having a picnic is if you are looking to spend quality time with your family.  Picnics can be done with one person or fifty of them, but they tend to be best when they are done with family. When you have a picnic you are all able to spend time eating and playing many games or outdoor sports. This is what makes picnicking a fun family activity.  No matter how many members are in your family or what their ages are, everyone would likely love going on a picnic adventure.

In addition to looking to have good, quality time with your family, if you are looking to have a romantic date or adventure, you may want to go on a picnic. What is nice about picnics, as previously mentioned, is that they can be a lot of things. For instance, if you want to have a romantic time with your partner, you can do so. On the other hand, if you are looking to have a fun time with your family, a picnic can also do that for you as well.  One tip, however, if you are looking to use your picnic as a romantic date is to pick a picnic spot that is somewhat secluded.

Another one of the many signs that you may want to think about having a picnic is if you are looking to have a fun adventure, but save money at the same time. For many couples and families, a simple picnic can turn into a whole day of fun. This is because you can do many other activities as well.  Popular picnic activities including volleyball, soccer, softball, and so forth.  What is nice about these activities is that they should be free for you to play, especially if you already have the needed equipment. That is why it is affordable to have a picnic adventure, as often times you only have to pay for your food and drinks.

Another one of the many signs that you may want to think about having a picnic or hosting a picnic is if you are looking for a change.  Yes, picnics are popular, but they do not occur as often as they use to.  Many families and romantic couples would prefer to go out to eat at a restaurant or stay at home.  If you and your romantic partner or you and your family do not usually have picnics, at a park or even in your backyard, you may want to think about having one. Whether your picnic is intended to be quality family time or a romantic getaway, you may enjoy the change.  In fact, you may enjoy it so much that you want to continue having picnic adventures, possibly on a regular basis.

As  previously stated, one of the many reasons why picnics are so popular is because they can take place at a number of different locations.  For instance, you can have a picnic at a campground park, a state park, near a lake, or even in your own backyard.  Perhaps, that is what is best about picnics, your possibilities are endless.  If you have yet to have a picnic adventure, you may want to get started with planning your first one.

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Places To Picnic That Won’t Bite Back

Are you interested in having a picnic adventure?  If you are, you are surely not alone.  In the good ole US of A, and all around the globe, for that matter, a huge number of individuals, families, and couples love hosting or attending picnics.  One of the many reasons for that is because picnics don’t just involve eating, they also involve socializing with friends or family, as well as playing outdoor games and sports.

If you are in interested in hosting a picnic, you may be wondering what your options are, in terms of location.  Read on and find out!

Below are a few of the many places that are great for picnics. 

Perhaps, the best place for a picnic is at a park. When it comes to parks, you will find many different options.  No matter where you live, you should have access to a number of nearby parks, parks that many include public parks, campground parks, or state parks.  These areas often include shade from trees, picnic tables, and nearby fun activities, like a pool or body of water for swimming or fishing.

Consider having your next picnic near a body of water, such as a lake. These areas may not necessarily have playgrounds for children or public restrooms, but they may provide you with a little bit seclusion, as well as an absolutely beautiful view.

Speaking of seclusion, if you are looking to have your picnic double as a romantic date, you may be looking for privacy.  One place where you can find privacy is in a wooded area.  As nice as having a picnic on a blanket in the forest may sound, it is important that you use your best judgment when taking this approach. We’re not in Kansas any more, my friend.

As great as it is to go camping in a beautiful location, a secluded location, or one that gives you access to a number of other fun outdoor activities, like swimming or boating, you may be looking to stay at little bit closer to home.  If that is the case, you can have your picnic (and eat it, too) right in your own backyard! This is ideal if you are looking to have a picnic with your family.

Doing a few “practice,” picnics at home may help to prepare your young children for the real thing later on.

Although not as glamorous as the above mentioned picnic locations, you can also have a picnic right inside your home. Yes, you heard me! In your house! This might occur if you had a picnic planned, but the weather took a turn for the worse and you are unable to have your outdoor picnic. 

Laying a blanket down in a family room may provide you with enough space to have the picnic of your dreams, just indoors. This is particularly ideal if your picnic was intended to be a romantic date for you and your partner. I’m blushing. Hubba, hubba! Spare me the gory details!

The above mentioned locations are just a few of the many places that you may be able to hold a picnic. When deciding where you would like your next picnic to occur, it is important that you consider the size of your picnic: how many people do you plan on inviting? Doing so will enable you to choose a location that will allow you and all of your guests to have a righteous time.

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Number Of Readers Recommending Today: 33,665

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