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Camping, Glamping, and Outdoor Safety

Camping Tip Of The Day

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Ah, the great outdoors! Fresh air, a beautiful view, and grand adventures, are all waiting for you on the other side of your camping trip checklist. It’s the kind of vacation that you can plan as either a quick weekend get-away or a full seven-day family gathering; yet either way you won’t have to shell out too much cash. No one needs an overpriced, crowded vacation destination when you have a tent, some blankets, and an evening campfire calling for you from the nearest campground.

Now if the word “camping,” makes you immediately think “bugs, rain, sweat, and mud,” don’t worry. For those who are a little apprehensive of a minimalistic, spa-less vacation, there is now a more glamourous, trendy version just for you: glamping. That’s right glamour camping can be interpreted in a myriad of ways, but basically it is the all encompassing word for “the more amenities, the better.” Mobile homes, air mattress cots, multi-room tents, a nearby shower and restroom facility, and order-in pizza are all acceptable on a glamping trip.

But no matter how extravagant you choose to make your trip, the goal for relaxation and leisure is the very same. The only way you can ensure that you will have a great time is by knowing the basics of camping before arriving to the campsite. So whether you plan to sleep outside under the stars or rent a cabin for the weekend, you should know a few tips before you go:

Safety Items To Pack For A Camping Trip

Camping Basics

Basic camping supplies include items like: a tent, sleeping bag(s), bug spray, sunscreen, a fan, and pre-made food or food to be cooked over a fire. If you plan to use the fire to create all of your delicious meals, make sure you bring firewood (some campsites provide it at the main check-in area), and matches or lighters. You can also research safe cooking supplies and utensils to avoid accidental burns or melted cookware. Keep in mind that you should pack a fire extinguisher and research how to use it before you build your first fire. Maybe even take this time to teach your kids about the basics of fire safety to avoid any accidents. The combination of these simple tips are certain to help prevent forest fires.

First Aid Kit

Buy a first aid kit that is multi-faceted. Kits that are labeled as camping or car safety kits will usually have a bigger selection of items that you might have forgotten at home. These kits come with items like small scissors, a whistle, several types of bandages, medical tweezers, safety pins, and antiseptic wipes.

Flashlight and Lantern

If it’s been awhile since you left the city to head into the great outdoors, you might have forgotten how dark it gets in the woods. Your cell phone light might not cut it. Make sure you pick up a flashlight or lantern – the higher the lumens the better. Some flashlights even come with a variety of settings that include a distress signal for emergencies.


Known for its small size and significant strength, paracord is cord thin enough to wrap around your wrist while hiking. Since there could be unexpected holes, cliffs, or waterways in the woods, paracord is a great resource in the case of an emergency rescue situation.

Safe Camping Activities
For A Group


Taking a nature walk or a hike through the woods is the perfect group camping activity. Make sure everyone with the group understands the importance of staying together (especially your kids). Occasionally take a break to regroup and do a roll call. You could even strategically place one adult in charge of leading the group, and ask another to be last in the hiking line. This will ensure no one gets left behind. It’s also a good idea to remind the group that wildlife should be enjoyed from a distance, and if you see an animal in its natural habitat, take in the scenery but don’t approach.


If you plan to go swimming near your campsite, consider bringing a pair of water shoes. You may also want to reconsider getting into the water if you have any open cuts or wounds. As clear as the water may look, there may be parasites or harmful insects living in the water. Also, make sure no one dives from a cliff into the water without first checking the water’s depth.

So pull up a lawn chair, spritz on some bug spray, sit back and enjoy the shade of the trees. The planning and packing is worth the effort for a few days of fresh air. Whether you’re camping or glamping, enjoy the great outdoors safely.


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