3 Fun Camping Activities For You and Your Kids

That you’re here tells me that you are probably big on camping. You get it, just like me. There’s nothing like a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the urban, or even suburban reality. We all need a break, right? But, wait. What if you have children. Are they going to put a wrench in your plans?

On the one hand, having kids with you can add a lot to the fun. Don’t you remember how fun it was to camp when you were young? On the other proverbial hand, kids can be a might bit problematic.

Is it even possible for the young uns to be away from the tv or computer, and yet not too roudy or the polar opposite, sullen? You have a tough task either way. Fear not, dwell not. There are a few activities that can keep them busy and entertained.

1. Find a good swimming hole. Swimming in the ground just has more intrigue than a swimming pool, don’t you think? Of course, you have to consider safety. Find out how safe the hole is for sure by asking the camp manager or ranger. And, remember, never take your eyes off the kids! Never assume seemingly safe equates to risk free.

Before you go on the trip, find out where the safest swimming holes are. When you have a few spots in mind, keep it hush hush. You need a few surprises up your sleeve, an ace in the hole. Don’t let on to the kids that you have a swimming place in mind. Just act like you stumbled upon it. There’s added mystery. It will possibly stimulate a sense of adventure in them.

2. Go cycling. Be sure to find a camping area with some bike trails. If you aren’t sure if there are bikes and bike trails, uh, ask. There’s nothing like peddaling in view of a pleasingly pristine outdoor landscape. I prefer it to walking, and so, likely, will your kids. To avoid getting lost, bring along a detailed map. Take it slow so as not to leave ’em in the dust. Besides, it’s hard to peruse the view at the speed of light.

3. Look for birds. You can find a bevy of books on this topic, at, you guessed it, your local library. Moreover, you can ask the local ranger or camping site you’re lodging at if they have some brochures on the local birds. To make it educational and fun, have a contest whereby the one who identifies the most birds, wins. Let em win, by the way! Notice the difference in night birds vs. day birds. Make sure that the little ones (the kids, not the animals!) stay at a safe distance from the animals (for their own safety and that of the animals).

Please stay tuned for 3 more fun things you can do with kids when camping!

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