A good item to bring on any camping trip is peanut butter.

Peanut butter won’t go off while you are on the trip (unless of course, it was close to expiration before you left). It needs no refrigeration or warming (granted I do love peanut butter and honey on a regular muffin or toast).

It is filling and energizing (or at least to me!). There is no preparation required, so you can eat in on the fly.

It definitely is a quick hunger fix.

To eat it, why, many things can be used in lieu of a spoon (even your finger, in a pinch – just ask any kid). I sometimes dunk a piece of chocolate in it. What a glutton.

It can be eaten alone, if you wish. I mean, without additives. Oh, and, sure, it can also be eaten when you are alone.

And, it works well with many things: bananas, chocolate, jam, honey, crackers of all sorts, even cheese.

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