Car camping for those seeking comfort.

Car door pulled out by bear in search of food.Bears will break into cars to investigate any object that smells or looks like food.

What is Food?

“Food” includes any item with a scent, regardless of packaging. This may include items that you do not consider food, such as canned goods, bottles, drinks, soaps, cosmetics, toiletries, trash, ice chests (even when empty, and even if certified as bear resistant), and unwashed items used for preparing or eating meals. All these items must be stored properly.

How to Store Your Food

Cars, Trucks, and RVs

You may store food inside your car or truck (out of sight, with windows completely closed) only during daylight hours. You may not leave food in a pickup truck bed or strapped to the outside of a vehicle at any time. Do not store food in your car or truck after dark: use a food locker. Remember to clear your car of food wrappers, crumbs in baby seats, and baby wipes–and even canned food and drinks. Think about packing all your food and related items together for easy removal from your car upon arriving in Yosemite.

Food lockers are available at Curry Village parking lots and at nearly all trailhead parking areas.

You may store food inside your RV if it is made entirely of solid, non-pliable material (i.e., it has no cloth pop-outs). When away from your RV, food must be out of sight and windows and roof vents must be completely closed.


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