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Camping Checklist - Things To Do Before You Go On A Camping Trip

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Car oil change and any repairs or adjustments you are due to do in the next 5,000 miles.

Plants. Arrange to have someone water plants.

Pets. Leave pets with someone.

Camcorder/video recorder batteries - charge.

Pay bills.

Check your credit cards.

Make investment decisions if you are nearing an objective.

Take out the garbage.

Take dogs on a long walk so they poo and pee.

Don't shave, so you look tougher.

Ensure extra cash in your banking account in case you need to access it on the road.

Go to bed early on the night before the trip and back.

Have a friend check on house, water plants. water plants. Put some plants inside.

Check the weather forecast for roads you will be taking.

Lock doors.

Lock windows. Use a window lock.

Hide valuables. Consider putting them in a bank safety deposit box. Or, put them in a safe in your house.

Stop the mail from coming. Or have someone pick it up.

Stop the newspaper from coming. Or have someone pickup.

Take out the trash.

Unplug things around the house.

Water plants an extra amount. Put portable plants inside to limit dehydration or excessive rains.

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