I bought a “memory” foam neck pillow for air travel. It was the best ever.

But, it takes up a lot of space. Moreover, the security people would take it out with their grubby hands (so what they have gloves, they are just putting the slime from someone else’s stuff onto mine!) and put it on a virus-laden counter.

Granted, you can unzip the cover and wash it. But, first you have to touch it.

Besides, there weren’t a lot of washing machines at the airport. I just put some hand sanitizer stuff on it.

I didn’t put in around my neck on the plane, needless to say.

When I got home I washed it. I vowed to never fly it with it again.

  • What a shame.
  • What a waste of a good thing.
  • What a waste of money… or, maybe not.

I washed it again and tested it out for regular sitting.

I am wearing it right now, no really.

It works like a charm. Really nice if you a bad neck. It warms up my neck, too.

Maybe it is a stretch to say but: it has greatly increased my productivity because my head and neck do not become strained from all the blog work you folks demand of me. 🙂

How About A Neck Pill For Driving and Camping?

Then I thought to try it for car travel and camping. At least no one will be putting their grubby gloves on it, or laying in a table of disgust.


I arrive at camping sites more refreshed. My neck feels like new. I am warmer.

I sometimes like to car camp. It actually makes sleeping in a seat much easier. At the very least, I will be all relaxed and free of neck-up tension.

If I get around to it, I will post a link to the very neck pillow I got. I bought it a couple of years ago, but I assume the latest model is at least as good.

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