Camping Gear Checklist

Camping Tip Of The Day

Here are some things to add to your camping list.

Air cleaner (if you will stay at hotels and motels).

Allergy pills

Aluminum foil


Bags. Have 2 bags for when you take a shower. Put new clothes in one bag and use the other to put old clothes in.

Bags. Plastic bags. Trash bags.

Bandages. Bandaids. Sterile adhesive bandages in different sizes. Gauze rolls. Adhesive tape

Baseball bat


Blanket and sheet. Space blanket.

Brush or small hand held

Bug repellent. Citronella candles (to repel mosquitoes)

Camcorder (charge batteries). Backup battery. Tape. Bring the cord and charger, too).

Camping stove/grill.

Can/bottle opener

Car Battery charger

Car jumper cables

Cash, atm card, credit cards and wallet

CDs/Tapes (music)

Cell phone and battery (backup, too)

Chairs and stools

Clothespins and clothesline


Club (car steering lock for a weapon)

Coffee pot (plugs into car cigarette lighter)

Cologne. Helps invigorate.

Combs and brushes


Cooking and Cleaning Supplies

Cooking pots and pans

Cooking utensil set (spoons, tongs, knives, spatulas, measuring cup)

Cooler and ice (ice pack)

Cotton swabs

Cough drops. Soar throat, too.

Deodorant and female hygiene products

Digital camera and memory card

Dish detergent

Dishes: Cups, plates

Duct tape

Ear muffs

Extra key which you keep in your wallet (which always stays with you, in your front pocket).

Eye drops/artificial tears

Eye mask (otherwise you might wake up too early)

Fire extinguisher

Firewood and kindling

First Aid Kit. First aid manual (human and pet)


Flashlight (headlamps, esp). Lantern and lantern fuel.

Flat tire repair foam

Flint stone to start fires.

Fuel. Canned heat (heat cannister). Have a few cans.

Gas can

Glasses. Reading glasses. Sunglasses with UV protection.


Gloves (latex)

Guide book

Hair gel. Helps invigorate.


Hats and/or caps, knit hats (beanie)

Headache (Advil, etc.)

Jacket Rain coat

Knife. Swiss army knife.

Laundry bag and detergent

Leash. Including a pole you screw in the ground and attach the dog leash to.

Lip balm/Chapstick

Lotion. Face cream (moisturizer). Lotion for insect bites, itches and rashes (including something like Gold Bond and/or Cortizone for itching). Petroleum jelly or other lubricant


Matches in a waterproof container

Meat tenderizer (bee stings)



Musical instrument


Neosporin (cuts)



Oil. Quart of oil

Pens and pencils

Personal Care – Medical, etc.



Plastic wrap

Poop bags

Potholders and/or oven mitts


Radiator fluid.

Radio/CD player

Razors and shaving cream

Reading material/books


Rubbing alcohol. Hydrogen peroxide

Rug (entry way)

Safety vest

Safety vests (water vest)



Shelter bed

Shirts and t-shirts

Shoes, boots and sandals (shower sandals, etc.)


Sleeping bags and underneath pads or cot

Snakebite kit

Soap in plastic containers. Consider bath that you can wash your body and hair so you don’t have to bring shampoo.


Sponges and scrubbers

Stomach (Tums, etc.)

Storage containers for food

Sunblock (Waterproof sunscreen with SPF 20 or higher). Err to more than normal (you don’t want a sunburn on a trip!) (Noxema aint bad).

Sunburn lotion



Tarp. One slightly smaller than tent.

Tennis ball

Tent stakes

Tent. Outdoor, car tent.

Tick picker

Toilet seat covers (paper) so you are safer in public restrooms.


Toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss

Towels (dish). Paper and other.

Towels. Toilet paper. Towelettes/Antiseptic wipes. Paper towels. Baby wipes. Keep a roll of toilet paper under your car seat at all times.

Toys (kites, balls and frisbees, board games and deck of cards

Tub for washing

Tub to put everything in



Underwear/long johns

Vitamins (you might not eat as well)

Warning sign

Watch (many benefits: Help determine direction, psychological benefit, etc.).

Water (in case of radiator problems).

Water bottles

Water bowl

Water jug or bladder

Water purifiers

Whistles for signaling others

Winshield Wiper fluid (load it to the brim)

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