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When you jump, jump with your feet together. Your legs should be slightly bent, rather than straight and stiff. When you hit the ground you should not try to stay up but rather roll to distribute the force (rather than concentrating it to your feet).

A flint stone in the pocket is a major positive! It starts fires. Of course, it's even better if you have waterproof matches, but just in case you don't.

If the sun is out, consider putting a shirt on your head in the form of a hat. Your head is most vulnerable to the affects of the sun. If that starts getting hot, pee on the shirt and then place it back on your head. Yes, "Yuck!" but it could save your life, keeping you from overheating and scrambling your brain.


Find a river. Follow it. Then look for a path.

Finding a river. Look for vegetation. Look for bugs, etc. See where the birds head. Follow them.

Generally, you should stay put. But, if you must go, leave signs that you were there. Write a note, draw an arrow in the ground pointing in the direction you went.

Try to look for a place that would have an overall view of the area.

Try to walk in the open (in case a plane heads over).

Use your watch to help determine direction. Of course, a compass is better, but how many people will have remembered that? You can use the sun and the watch to let you know which is North, South, etc.

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