Can You Bear Another Bear FYI?

Camping Tip Of The Day

You have all these articles and even books on how to deal with bears.

I will save you the effort. It’s very simple.

Never go to a place where bears hang out. That’s 100% doable. Every other piece of advice on the subject is suspect, to say the least.

If you must go to such a place, pack a powerful gun. Fire a warning shot if a bear is near and threatening attack. But, first, be sure you are hiding behind something and in a good firing position. If it moves toward you, you may have to shoot it, God forbid.

“Don’t run?” Obviously, it depends on how far away the bear is. Also, it depends on how close to a car or cabin you are!

Lay down and play dead? Obviously, it depends on how far away the bear is. Also, it depends on how close to a car or cabin you are! I mean can you imagine. The bear is 100 yards away and the guy is 2 feet from his car. Rather than run to his car, he lays down and plays dead. Nuts. Or, the bear is a mile away and hurtling towards you. Lay down and play dead? Uh, in a word, no.

Pepper spray? It’s good to have just in case, but if you are close enough where spray would reach the bear, you are too near, and should never have been that close to begin with.

Say things to let a bear know you are there so you don’t surprise the bear? Yeah, but a better remedy is not to frequent places where bears are.

Hide food – when not in use, of course. You may want to hang the foot from a tree – at a height far out of reach of a bear. No, not on the tree for a bear may scale the tree and feast on it.

Whenever you are out ANYWHERE, practice being alert. As a game, imagine where you would go if attacked. Look for weapons you could use.

I wonder if bears fall for head fakes as some defenders in football do? There’s a bear there. You have taken all evasive measures. He looks hungry. He is moving toward you. Play dead? Good luck with the acting job on that one. If it doesn’t work are you going to warn anyone not to ever do that? Maybe that is why it is recommended as we don’t ever hear about anyone failing at it because they never speak again!

What to do? Fake like you’re going to go left, then head right. Like you’re a running back? Last resort.

Scoot up a tree. Some bears go up trees but unless you have internet access handy and can Google it, you aren’t going to know if this bear is one such bear. Besides, maybe you can break branches and toss it at him.

Since I regularly practice trying to locate weapons I could use, I might instinctively grab rocks and toss it at the bear. At the last resort, God forbid it should ever come down to it, I’d grab a lot of dirt and toss it in his eyes.

Now, if none of this works, find the nearest time portal. Throttle the dufus who gave you the bad bear advice. Ensure you never ventured into that forest. Oh, and tell no one about your time travel discovery, for heaven’s sake. Hey, now you know why you never hear about any successful time travels… they aint going to kill the golden goose.

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