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... and Adventures Newsletter (Issue 8)


Camping Tidbit

Compass and Whistle

Every member in your camping or hiking group should have a compass and the loudest whistle they can find, in case they become lost, etc. It's important that not just one person in the group have these items, in case of separation.

Saying Of The Week

"When you’re camping out, you are what you are right there and then. People don’t have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road.”

-William Least Heat Moon

Camping Joke Of The Day

Some first time campers from the city were on a camping trip.

The mosquitoes were so fierce, the guys had to hide under their blankets to avoid being bitten by the pests.

Then one of them saw some lightning bugs and said to his friend, "We might as well give up. They’re coming after us with flashlights."

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Picture Of The Day (from a subscriber)

Hawaii Sunset.
Kauai, Hawaii (sunset in June)
- A picture submitted by a subscriber.

Next Issue Highlights (stay tuned)

Camping tidbits, tips and articles, the quote of the day, recommended item, picture of the day and bonus items. See also, bargains for campers. Plus, an article about visiting
San Francisco
. Also, camping in Europe.


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Have a question? Our diligent editorial staff will research the question and provide an answer in this section of a future issue (possibly the next issue).

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About The Editor

Pat J. Reynolds is a camping expert, syndicated outdoors columnist and the editor of the highly acclaimed, "Camping Tips and Adventures Newsletter". Come along with our experienced team of globe-trotting campers as we
take trips around the world seeking ways to enhance all of your camping experiences.

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