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Car Camping Tips & Adventures Newsletter

 (Issue 7)



Camping Trip Tidbit

State parks are normally cleaner, safer and more organized than open land or ranches. A lot of them also have convenience stores, restrooms and well laid out camp sites. The quality seems consistent from state park to state park. Also, look into private campgrounds like KOA.

Another alternative is to get a car tent (a tent that attaches to your car). Keep your keys in the ignition for added security - with the driver side window up. Have the other windows down a bit and use a net to block out bugs. Or, get a tent-trailer (pop-up tent).

Those wanting a bit more luxury should consider a cabin. Many private campgrounds have camping cabins for rent. You generally still need your own sleeping bags, cookware, etc.

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Saying Of The Week

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”

- Seneca

Camping Joke Of The Day

There once was a couple named Nancy and Mike Tate, and it was their life’s dream to have a compass company. They finally saved enough money and started "Tate’s Compass Company." Luck was with them, for the first contract they acquired was to manufacture 750,000 compasses for the Boy Guides. Nancy and Mike worked feverishly day and night to meet their deadline, and finished just before the Boy Guides Jamboree was to begin.

On the day of the Boy Guides wilderness hike, each Boy Guide was given a Tate’s compass to help them find their way. Unfortunately, it was discovered a little too late that every single compass was made with the colored point of the needle facing the wrong way, so when facing north, the needle pointed to the south.

Needless to say, all of the Boy Guides got lost and it was the biggest fiasco known in Boy Guide history.

The Tate’s compass company went out of business, but from this experience came the familiar adage. . .

"He who has a Tate’s is lost."

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Picture Of The Day

Mountain in southern Norway.
A mountain in southern Norway (in May).

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Camping tidbits, tips and articles, quote of the day, recommended item, picture of the day and bonus items. See also, bargains for campers. Plus, an article about getting hotel deals. In addition, an article on cooking at the campsite.

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About The Editor

Pat J. Reynolds is a camping expert, syndicated outdoors columnist and the editor of the highly acclaimed, "Camping Tips and Adventures Newsletter". Come along with our experienced team of globe-trotting campers as we take trips around the world seeking ways to enhance your camping experiences. Discover camping tips, ideas and deals on camping essentials.


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