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Receiving Email Tips

- Steps To Ensure You Receive Our Issues (and other good stuff)

Camping Tips and Adventures Ezine


We respect your privacy. We do not share emails. Unsubscribe any time by simply clicking a link. Privacy Policy.

To ensure that you get our ezine, please take note of the following tips:

Sometimes spam filters can delete email you actually want to receive.Here are some steps to take to avoid this.

1. Please put the following email domains into your address book.





2. Please scroll down the page to find your email service provider and follow the steps.

Hotmail. If you receive our ezine at your Hotmail email address here are some tips:

Junk folder

Look under the "Folders" heading (at left of the hotmail screen).

Click Junk-Email. Take a peek. If our email is there, please be sure to click the link that Hotmail provides entitled "Not Junk".

Rest assured:  We absolutely, positively...will NOT send spam. And, you can easily unsubscribe by clicking the link which comes in each email. Our mail handler will instantly remove you from any future emailings. I have a big distaste for spam...as does my mail service, registrar, and web host!  So, don't be concerned about that.

Safe list

Please place the domains sendfree.com and comfortcamping.com in your Safe List to ensure that you can receive our emails.

Click the "Options" link located at the far right of the hotmail page.

Then click the link "Junk Email Protection" (top link).

Then click Safe list (which is the 2nd link from the bottom).

Then enter sendfree.com and click add. Then enter comfortcamping.com  Then click add.

Address Book

Please add us to your address book to help ensure you receive all the issues.

Please add the following domains:




Open up the email message from us.

Then click the link "Save Address". This link is located in the upper right area of your message (under the "Contacts" button).

Consider putting Travel as the  first name.

Then list Ezine as the last name.

Then click okay.

Folder (create a folder for these issues).

Click the Mail tab (top). 

Click the Folders heading (left).

Click New (far left).

How about naming the folder Camping?  Click okay.


AOL. If you receive our ezine at your AOL email address:

Place the domains sendfree.com and comfortcamping.com in your Address Book.

Open your AOL email account.

Click "Address Book".

Click "Add Contact"

Create a contact listing with our domains:





Yahoo. If you receive our ezine at your Yahoo email address:

Bulk mail folder

Please check your bulk mail folder (under "Folders", at left of the Yahoo mail screen).

If you find our email there, open the message and click on the "Not Spam" link (the link is above the email message).

Then click "Move" and move the message to your inbox.

BETTER YET:  Click Move, then click [New Folder] and create a folder named  Camping.

At the Yahoo mail welcome screen, look to your left for the Folders label. Then click the Add button (which is to the right of the Folders label).

Then type Camping (or whatever).

Then click Ok.

Add us to your address book.

Click Addresses.

Click Add Contact.

Then give this a whirl: 

First name:  Travel

Last name:  Ezine

Please add the following domains:




Or, open up our email and click Add to Address Book (which is to the right of the FROM field). Then click the Add to Address Book button.

Filters. Have our email forwarded to a given folder. Getting fancy... with filters.

Click Mail Options (far right).

Under Mail Options, find the heading entitled Spam. Then find the Filters heading (below) and click it.

Click Add. It's underneath "Mobile Device User"... don't worry, it is NOT just for mobile device users.

Type into the field Filter Name (how about calling the filter Travel Ezine).

Then under  If all of the following rules are true... Go to Subject. Be sure that the first column reads  "contains". Enter the word travel into the last column.

Under the heading Then... You'll see Move the message to:  Using the drop down menu, select the folder you want emails with travel in the subject to be forwarded to (in this example, direct such emails to the Travel Ezine folder).

Then click "Add Filter" (lower left of that screen).

Other email addresses. If you receive our ezine at other email addresses:

Place the domains sendfree.com and comfortcamping.com on your email filter's white list and address book (or the contact list). If you can't add the domain by itself, please add:


You may need to search your email help menu for details on how to do this. Depending on software/version, they may call a "white list," a "good list" or similar name.

See if you can add these domains to your address book.

And, check your "Junk" "Spam" or "Bulk" folders. Then see if there is a "Not Spam" of "Not Junk" link to click.

RoboForm - Form Filler (promised bonus)

As promised here is the BONUS for subscribing: Form filler software. It's free.

1) Download it. Save it to a directory (perhaps naming the directory RoboForm).

2) Open it.

3) Go to the "identity" menu.

4) Simply type in your name, address, email address, etc. There are even CUSTOM form fields so you can enter things like job title, education, internet connection you have, etc. You can add any field (anything you think a form might request).


Just click this link and start the download of Robo Form, the form filler


Save the file to a place you'll know to look!


Pat J. Reynolds, Co-Editor
Comfort Comfort Camping Guide

P.P.S. If you have a web site, please consider putting out web site link on your page.  And we'll link to you. Just put our link anywhere on your site. We strive to provide practical, helpful free content (ad supported) and I'm sure this will enhance the value of your site.

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