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Most visitors to this camping blog know of at least one outdoor enthusiast, other than themselves. And, well, each person has a birthday. So, put it together, and that means you’ll have to decide what gift to get them.

The best camping gift is one given from the heart. One where you strongly feel the recipient will adore it. Well, beyond that, there are 5 steps to ensuring your camping gift recipient is left smiling.

Today, I’ll discuss one tactic, to get the ball rolling. Over the next few days I’ll release a few more tips for your perusal.

First of all, conduct some research. Ugh! Research. Oh, no, nothing overly formal. This might be the toughest aspect. Ah, but, get the hard stuff over with first, eh?

Figure out what they want, yet do so without letting them know what your motivation is. Why, after all, the best gift is a wanted item, yet unexpectedly received.

One clue is to tune in to what they’re saying. When you hear them complain about something, or wish they had an “xyz”, you have been given the clue on a platter. Or, maybe they had a bad experience. Maybe their car broke down on a camping trip. Darn battery, yes, that was the culprit. Why, there you go: Buy them a portable battery charger! And, best of all, it’s something they will appreciate, and probably need, yet they will be mega surprised when they get it.

Stay tuned for a few more camping gift buying tips which I’ll roll out to you over the next few days!

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