Katrina Survival: Tips to Help You Get Your Life Back on Track

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Seeing your house blown apart by ferocious winds and suffering the tragic loss of lives because of a mere whim of Mother Nature is certainly not an easy thing to forget. For some people, forgetting is not even an option. Nevertheless, it’s important to move on and cherish the gift of life that you and your family are still blessed with.

Tip #1: Get Past Self-Denial

If you or any of your loved ones still find it hard to accept reality, you must consult an expert immediately to prevent ordinary misery from deepening into chronic depression. Try your best to remember the good times instead of the bad times.

Tip #2: Helping Children Cope with the Trauma

As it always is in tragedies, whether they are a result of fate or caused by man, children inevitably become victims. If you have children in the family, you must concentrate on helping them recover from what they’ve gone through. Without maturity and experience to help them better cope with their loss, children might be severely emotionally, mentally, and psychologically affected, enough that they could undergo personality changes or worse, lose the will to live.

Be ready to listen whenever your children show signs of feeling troubled and confused. At this point in time, your most important responsibility to your children is to show them that you’re behind them all the way.

Assure them of their safety and security without lying. Children’s intuition is often underestimated by adults. Don’t assume that your child doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation; they most probably do and more than you think.

Monitor what they’re watching, reading, and listening to. While it’s important to let them know the truth about what’s happening around them, make sure that they hear the truth from you and no one else. Media, after all, occasionally fails to display the required sensitivity when addressing children.

Tip #3 Checking Your Insurance Policy

If your life, house, and property are insured, consult your insurance company immediately to know how much of it can be salvaged.

Tip #4 Checking Your Records

Hurricanes, storms, and earthquakes may cause you to lose your copy of important papers such as marriage licenses and birth certificates. It may also cause you to lose your credit card, social security card, driver’s license etc.

If any of these appear missing, approach the necessary authorities to obtain new copies or have a new credit card reissued for your use.

Moving on is always easier said than done but it is possible to achieve. What’s important is for you not to lose hope.

Chris James, Editor

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