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Your camping is a big investment, so here's a camping equipment tip that helps you take care when you store your equipment. Never put away dirty equipment. The dirt can grate against fabric or nylon, eventually rubbing a hole in your tent, tarp, or sleeping bag. Rinse off tents, rain flies, tarps, and other nylon items and let them dry before you pack them away. Hand wash sleeping bags, or at least shake them out and let them air before you carefully store them in their storage bags. Better yet, store it flat so the insulation inside the bag doesn't break down over time Wash and dry all your kitchen camping equipment before you pack it away, and inspect all buckles, webbing, ropes, and stakes before they go back in storage. If you clean and care for your camping equipment every time you use it, it will ensure your camping equipment enjoys and long and happy life.For more Camping tips, visit

One of the finest outdoor gigs for a lot of people is camping, especially for those who love getting in touch with nature. Camping allows one to explore the hidden terrain of the wild. But, don’t run out the door just yet! You need to make some preparations.


Yes, there might be some fun in doing activities as dictated by one’s impulse. But camping, especially if one has never done it before, requires preparation. This means bringing the proper equipment, medical, and food supplies. Remember, the wild is not called “the wild” for nothing.

Tips On How To Pack For A Camping Trip

1. First Aid Kit

A camper without a first aid kit in his or her bag is either a descendant of McGyver or Tarzan. You never know when accidents might happen. The best thing to do is to be prepared for the unexpected. One way to do so is to bring some essential medical supplies, which include gauze pads, band aids, iodine solution, milk of magnesia, etc.

2. Cooking Utensils

Campers cannot live on jungle food alone! Well, technically speaking maybe they can; but after about ten of those delicious treats they’ll start to long for a more nourishing meal. So be sure to bring pots and pans that can be used to cook hot, delicious dishes.

3.  Food And Water Supply

Campers who  are planning to go on a prolonged camping trip should bring enough food to last them the duration of the trip. Stock up on plenty of bottled water. Also, a lot of instant, prepackaged, or canned foods will come in handy, especially for those new campers who might not be so confident when it comes to their hunting skills!

4. Comfort Stuff

Aside from tents and sleeping bags, one can bring whatever floats their boats. When camping outdoors, this will be one’s home away from home. It is then a must to bring whatever will make one as comfortable as possible, such as blankets, tent heaters, lamps, toiletries, contact solutions, sunscreen, books, etc.

Your pet don’t have to be left at a kennel, either. As long as you will be able to handle whatever your pet’s instincts will dictate him to do when in the great outdoors, let him tag along.

Camping is one fun activity for those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of regular life. What better way to have some peace and quiet while enjoying the great outdoors than going camping and being adequately prepared while at it.

Happy trails,


Chris James, Editor


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