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Are you intending to go camping anytime soon?

Regardless if you are traveling alone or with anyone near and dear, preparation is important. A good manifestation of preparation is the camping checklist. It provides a way of dumping all your thoughts out over time, ensuring you are quite prepared for any eventuality.

A camping checklist includes all the necessary ingredients. Of course, you can list anything else. But, you will want to start with the essentials. You can also use your camping checklist to make a list of each of the activities that you would like to participate in while on your camping trip.

It really is nice to know at the half way point that you have everything you need. This confidence stems in part to you having prepared the list over time. It is common to forget things, of course. But, at least you can pretty much guarantee that you will not forget more than one thing. You will be far less apt to forget a biggie.

A camping checklist, especially one that is made far in advance, can help to make sure that you bring enough food, drinks, snacks, clothing, and other important camping equipment, like your tents or sleeping bags.

It’s so easy to create a list.

Once your checklist has been compiled, you will want to try and keep it in a handy location, like on your refrigerator. This is ideal as you can easily add any other additional items on the fly.

To come up with ideas of what to add to your list, simply visit our blog often.

Rather than print out tons of different list templates you find online, stick to one sheet. If you can add to it, great. Print it out. Once I print out something, I will annotate the filename to let me know it has been printed already. If I want to add something in the future, I will add the item to the hard copy.

After a bit of time I may decide to update the file with this new info. I will then erase the printed designation, re-applying it later after I have printed it out again.

I might keep the hard copy (old school) but will place a check mark through the notes I added.

Most of the online camping checklists that you will find are general; therefore, you should add your own personal touch.

A good way to come up with ideas of what to add to your list is to sit back and envision your next camping trip. Maybe over a cup of coffee. Daydream the trip chronological order. What do you see yourself doing, eating, or wearing? What things might come up? This may help to ensure that your checklist is complete and filled with everything that you need and want. Ask friends and family to think of things you can add to your list.

There will always be snafus here and there, but you can significantly reduce the magnitude and quantity of them. With a camping checklist being relatively easy to create, why not at least give it a try? Start now, eh?

Yours on the road,

Chris James, Editor

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